giving securities to living hope bible church

securities donation process

Should you desire to donate securities of stocks or mutual funds, you should consider transferring directly from your bank or investment house to the church’s securities account.

The process in general is as follows:

  1. Contact your bank/investment institution and instruct them that you want to donate stocks or mutual funds to Living Hope Bible Church, requesting the proper forms and processes by email or over the phone. Some require a specific form for you to complete and others only require a letter with specific instructions on it. Some may require notarization of your signature.
  2. Complete the form or write the letter and send to your brokerage/bank.
  3. Living Hope Bible Church uses our Fidelity Investments account to receive and liquidate stocks and mutual funds. The following information is needed for the account you will be transferring to: Fidelity Investments ACCOUNT NUMBER IS Z85-025968. Fidelity’s DTC number which is 0226.
  4. Notify LHBC Finance Team at to alert them that you are donating securities and have completed Step 1 & Step 2.
  5. Please also provide to the LHBC Finance Team: the name of the equity, stock ticker and number of shares for verification. The Finance Team will use the information in the sell order. This selling process may take 1-2 business days depending on when the information was received and the shares to process.
  6. If the donation is time sensitive, please allow adequate time for the request to reach your brokerage/bank and for them to follow their processes. Please keep records of your donation: the number of shares donated and the date of the actual transfer(s) for your tax purposes.

Thank you for your generosity!