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fellowship hall

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September 19th - December 26th

9:15am - 10:15am  |  Fellowship Hall

Athanasius said this of the Psalms, "The whole of human existence, both the dispositions of the soul and the movements of the thoughts, have been measured out and encompassed in those very words of the Psalter."

Come and learn with us as we learn from God's Word through the Psalms. See Events page for updates.

Lead by Sam Prabhu and Henry Chen

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What is the church?

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Fellowship Hall

Elders Andrew Chang and Barry Martin

Summer 2021 series

WHAT IS THE CHURCH?  Due to the lockdown and various regulations that were put in place during this COVID-19 pandemic, our “church" routines have changed. You may have wondered what is the purpose of the Church?  What are we supposed to do in Church? How important is unity in the Church?  What is the mission of the Church in this pluralistic culture? 

Andrew Chang and Barry Martin, LHBC Elders, will be leading a didactic study of the scriptures and looking at these questions as well as other issues during this three-month study.  Bring your Bible and be ready for some great group discussions!


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the beatitudes

adult sunday bible class

May 2020 - june 2020

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
As of June 21st, as we are in the Reopening Phase,

the online Sunday Bible Class will resume via zoom.
Please note the time change. Link available via FB - on the regular attendees group page.

Taught by Henry Chen

The Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the best known sermon preached by Jesus.

Come and join our online study on the Beatitudes in this two-month study.

For class handouts and recordings, please see top of this page for password protected link.

biblical ethics

adult sunday bible class

September 2019-April 2020

Fellowship Hall   |   9:15am-10:15am

Various topics, various teachers.

Due to COVID-19, as of March 2020 - Adult Sunday Bible Class is online only via zoom or YouTube. Class notes and slides are available on the top of this page. Link is password protected.

wrestling with god's love

adult sunday school class august 2019

Fellowship Hall  |  9:15 am - 10:15 am  |  Taught by Elder Henry Chen

Over the course of 4 lessons, we will look at God's love and how to reconcile this with His justice, wrath, and holiness.
What do we mean by God's love? Has our culture distorted its meaning? Does love demand mercy and grace for all?
We will look at key verses and use table discussion questions to help us reason through this topic.
The goal is to strengthen your theology and help you in your evangelism to those around you.

Reference sources:

Knowing God, J I Packer

None Greater, Matthew Barrett

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, D A Carson

Book of galatians

adult sunday school class june & july 2019

Fellowship Hall  |  9:15 am - 10:15 am  |  Taught by Andrew Chang

Join us for the study of the book of Galatians through lectures and group discussions. Find out why this epistle has been referred to as the Emancipation Proclamation of Christian faith and the manual for living in freedom.  We will learn more about Apostle Paul and the significance of Galatians to the New Testament. 

What happens after i die?

adult sunday school class - may 2019

Fellowship Hall | 9:15am-10:15am | Taught by Elder Henry Chen

What happens after I die?  Will I suffer?  Will I be judged?
Will I simply cease to exist or be a restless spirit?
Will I sit on a cloud in heaven with a harp and wings?
Will I watch over my loved ones on earth?
What about my dog?  Will we all be one race?
Come and join us as Henry Chen, one of our Elders, teaches on this important subject.

Final Notes

NEw testament survey - winter 2019 (january-april)

Fellowship Hall | 9:15am-10:15am | Taught by Pastor Joe Lum | Class begins January 6th

Join us for a survey of the New Testament books of the Bible beginning with the Epistles of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians.  Major themes, key New Testament passages and geography will be covered.  Practical and applicational topics will be covered in a discussion and lecture format.

biblical parenting for life

parenting sunday school class

Class Size Limit: 6 couples.  Class status: FULL

9:15 AM - Beginning January 6th

A parenting class for parents of newborns to high schoolers.

Facilitated by Mike & Nobi Nelson covering John MacArthur's book "Biblical Parent for Life".

missions overview dec 23 & dec 30 2018

9:15am-10:15am | Missions Committee (Nate Bean, Andrew Chang, and David Miyatake)

Join us as the Missions Committee covers the following topics:

1) God is a Missions God.

2) Events surrounding the death of John Chau.

3) What the Missions Committee is looking for in a missionary.

4) How we got interested in Missions & Evangelism.

Old testament survey - FALL 2018

Fellowship Hall | 9:15am | Pastor Joe Lum

Survey of the Old Testament. We begin to cover the Historical Books of the Old Testament starting with the book of Joshua.

Authentic christianity

Summer 2018 | Fellowship Hall | 9:15 am | Taught by Samual Prabhu

Study materials

How to Grow in your SPiritual Walk (May - August, 2018)

Room 205 | 9:15am  |  Taught by Henry Chen

For new and long-time Christians who want to deepen their walk and learn with others. Join a small class as we learn together and study the spiritual disciplines and the process of sanctification.

Class notes

Jesus through the book of Matthew (May - June, 2018)

Fellowship Hall | 9:15am  |  Taught by Andrew Chang

Join us as we look at the Words and Work of Jesus through the book of Matthew. We will look at themes of Jesus as King and His Kingdom.

New Testament survey(Jan - April 2018)

Join us for a survey of the Gospels, Acts, Romans and other NT books of the Bible.  Major themes, key NT passages and geography will be covered.  This class will last four months and cover an overview of NT books. Taught by Pastor Joe Lum.


Charismatic theology (Jan. - Mar. 2017)

Fellowship Hall, 9:15 am  |  Taught by Pastor Joe Lum

This class will cover and overview the history of the Charismatic movement including Pentecostalism, the Charismatic movement, and the New Apostolic Reformation movement. We will examine the five major fallacies of the Prosperity Gospel and look at the growth of Charismatic Theology today. Millions of people around the world flock to faith healers with hopes and dreams of healing. Come and see how these healers supposedly lengthen legs, make the blind see, restore healing, and know personal details about you. From Kundalini demonic possession to modern day prophets, you will see them yourself in video footage.

EPIC High School group will join us. Please arrive early!