The Great throne room escape

Can you and your team solve the mysteries, crack the codes, and enter the gates of heaven before time runs out?

Join us for an unforgettable adventure! The Escape Room is open to all ages on December 28, 29, and 30 at LHBC with start times ranging from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm depending on the day. Teams of 4 to 8 people will work together and have their whit tested in this Gospel-themed, think-on-your-feet, race-against-the-clock experience! Start a team today!

Click this line to SIGN UP A TEAM or to see what Escape Room times are available! Teams must sign up ahead of time. No walk up teams please (though it is ok for players to join your team last minute).

(Email with any registration questions, we are happy to accommodate unique circumstances!)

What's been said about "The great throne room escape"

"Really fun!"                      "Impressive!"                           "Challenging."


       "A great idea!"                "got us working together"

"The youth had a great time"                      "9.5 out of 10!"

The youth got to participate in the first version of The Great Throne Room Escape, and two out of four teams entered Heaven in time--with very little to spare! It's been re-worked and re-shaped, and we know all ages will enjoy this real-life Escape Room experience. 

Great for small groups, families, double-dates, or any group of friends!

escape room FAQs

What is an Escape Room?

A real-life Escape Room brings interactive and immersive puzzles into your hands! Patterned after escape-style video games, Escape Rooms get you away from the screen and working with other people to crack the codes and escape through that final door!

How long will it take?

You'll have 60 minutes to escape! Instructions and prep will also take 10-15 minutes, so plan on a 75 minute outing. (It's a great event to pair with lunch, dinner, or coffee!)

How many players do I need to form a team?

This escape room is designed with 4 to 8 players in mind, though 3 people (or even 2 geniuses) could potentially accomplish it. Email Stephen if you'd like to do a smaller team.

Do I need to know things from the Bible to escape?

No! That's the best part, you'll learn about the Bible during the escape experience! All you need to know is how to look up a verse in the Bible, and you'll be good to go!

What will we learn?

The theme is the Gospel, and salvation terminology is taught among and in the various puzzles. Teams will learn about Propitiation, Redemption, Substitutionary Atonement, Regeneration, and Justification as they seek to escape! 

Can I just drop in and play?

No, you need a group of people, and a reserved time slot. Nobody can accomplish the escape room alone, it requires teamwork!

Are we really locked in?

No! You can always walk out. The goal in this Escape Room is not to get out of a room so much as it is to enter one! Heaven!

What if we can't figure something out?

Every team starts with 2 hints, and can find a 3rd bonus hint along the way! We want you to have fun! It's not only about trying to escape, it's about the full fun escaping experience. The clues and puzzles are designed to be coherent, and since we game-play tested this on our youth, any "impossible" puzzles have been clarified or changed!

What if I'm a youth that already did the youth-version on December 1? Can I play again?

Yes! The game has been changed quite a bit, though you will find some of the puzzles to be identical (perhaps let your playing partners figure those out). There are new puzzles to solve and new experiences to be had!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. Bibles will be in the rooms where they are needed. Players are asked to not use their cell phones for the game-play.




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