2017 LHBC Church family retreat

Our Church Family Retreat was specifically created to provide a time of spiritual & physical refreshment. The goals of the retreat are: 

  • To be refreshed and challenged spiritually from the Word of God. 
  • To establish, build and develop relationships with one another. 
  • To fellowship and encourage one another in the faith.

Date and Location

Labor Day Weekend

Begins Saturday, September 2nd @ 11:45AM

Ends Monday, September 4th @ 2:00PM

Black Diamond Camps (Camp Berachah)

19830 SE 328th Place, Auburn, WA 98092


Bible Reading Plan: 


Dr. Douglas Bookman

Dr. Bookman has focused much of his teaching career on the life of Christ and the nation of Israel. In 1987, Dr. Bookman joined the Bible Department faculty of The Master's College. While there, he conceived and implemented the IBEX program, a semester-abroad program in Israel. In 1998, Dr. Bookman joined the Friends of Israel as a national representative. He has taught at various colleges and seminaries, and has served as pastor and interim pastor at local churches. He is now on staff at Shepherds Theological Seminary, and teaches classes in the New Testament and Life of Christ.



Session topics include: 

  • Ten Important Insights Basic to a Proper Understanding of the Life of Christ
  • Chronological Survey of the Three and a Half Year Ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Concerning the reality and integrity of the humanity of Jesus
  • Two Events Preparatory to the Passion Week

Living Hope Bible Church

205 Mountain Park Blvd. SW Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 587-1232